Why You Need An Adviser

You need a risk management and insurance adviser in addition to your agent or broker because:

1. You will save money on your insurance premiums.

Unlike other forms of insurance which are actuarially driven, property and casualty insurance is priced based on the underwriter's judgement about the risk and the market. The rating manual gives guidance, but each risk is different, and the environment (technology, legal climate, safety standards, etc.) are constantly changing.

Therefore, pricing is flexible and creating competition for your business is the way to drive the price down.

We know the market dynamics and how to create competition for your business, whether working solely with your current broker, or with multiple brokers.

2. The biggest companies have risk managers on staff. You need one too.

We are your risk manager. We are your expert in the confusing realm of risk and insurance. The risks of business are constantly changing and they are complex. Insurance policies are complex too, sometimes covering hundreds of pages. Can you ferret out the important exclusions, limitations or conditions? Can you sort out the insurer puffery from the facts?

We are licensed, educated as and trained as risk management and insurance advisers.

3. Risk management is more than insurance.

Liabilities are directed and redirected by contracts between trading partners. Have you agreed to indemnify another party? Will your liability insurance cover that assumed liability? Have you foregone opportunities to obtain indemnification from others whereby you could insulate your own insurance program from loss, and thus prevent future premium increases? Do you have the right safety programs in place?

4. We make your life easier.

Don't be your own property/casualty insurance expert. Focus on your core business. As Geoffrey Moore says in Living on the Fault Line,"...Context always gets in the way of core. It's a simple matter of absorbing time, talent and management attention."

Outsource the function to us, and do what you do best.

We will let you sleep at night knowing your job and your company are not in jeopardy.

5. We are on your side.

We work solely for you as your advocate and expert.

We stand ready to be your partner in your business ventures. Contact us now.